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Is Your Power Pole Safe?

Have you noticed a power pole on your property is leaning, looks like it has rot or maybe a loose wire or fitting?

Did you know that it is your responsibility to ensure that privately owned poles are kept in a good, safe condition?

Dion can inspect any poles that you may be concerned about and advise on the best course of action for the safety of you, your family, or others who may be in the vicinity of the area. Whether that is a simple repair or an entire replacement, we can organise the work to be completed quickly and safely.

In the event of a power pole that has completely fallen, call your supply authority (Energex or Ergon in Qld) and they will disconnect the power supply as quickly as possible and advise you to arrange with a Licensed Electrical Contractor for pole replacement and reconnection.

As this is an area that Dion has experience in, he can arrange for a quick restoration of your power and all necessary requirements so that your inconvenience is minimal.

See the following pamphlet from Energex for more information.


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